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Tintri EC6000™ All-Flash Array


The Tintri EC6000™ All-Flash Series delivers powerful and efficient all-flash performance for up to 7,500 virtualized or cloud applications in just two rack units. Flexible expansion options give you the power to balance performance and capacity. The unique Tintri storage file system, built specifically for virtualized and cloud workloads, is powered by the Tintri CONNECT architecture. With the EC6000, you can start with a 19 TB all-flash system and grow to over 40 PB of all-flash storage supporting over 480,000 applications all managed by a single console. The Tintri EC6000 series delivers completely autonomous operation, real-time and predictive analytics, and powerful automation at the application level of abstraction to build and run agile environments for cloud-native and mission-critical enterprise applications.


EC6000 Series Datasheet


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