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Incorrect VM disk size for XenServer 6.5

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Tintri VMstore UI reports a different vdisk size for a XenServer 6.5 VM compared to what is reported for the disk size on Xenserver.


Within XenServer 6.5, a VM's vDisk size is reported differently compared to the VMstore.


The disk size as reported on XenServer:





The disk size as reported on the VMstore UI:




The reason for the disparity is that the VMstore UI reports the vDisk size plus any hypervisor snapshots whereas the Xenserver reports only the vDisk size.

In some cases XenServer creates base copies of disks (like for snapshots) but fails to delete them once those snapshots are deleted. So according to the host those disks do not exist anymore but they still exist on the storage and are counted in total size by the VMstore.


For further assistance to resolve this issue please contact Citrix XenServer Support.


Discussions on the this topic in Citrix forums with suggested solutions:


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Back to author with the following comment

I found the Description misleading here, it make one believe there might be a VMstore issue. How about something like the following?

“The Tintri VMstore queries the Xenserver manager to determine the size of each vDisk and the value returned is reported in the Ui”
Is this accurate for this scenario?
Posted 12:19, 2 Jun 2017
Initial approval done
Posted 13:37, 6 Jun 2017
Article published after some rework to description and resolution paragraphs.
Posted 10:59, 16 Jun 2017
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