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Internal Heartbeat Timeouts Cause a Controller Failover

Applies To


Product(s): T540

Product Version(s): Tintri OS v1.4, OS v2.0.2.1 (and earlier).



Under certain conditions, the heart beat messages between the primary and secondary controllers may time out causing the secondary controller to incorrectly initiate a failover.


  • The standby controller takes over and the previously active controller is rebooted unexpectedly.
  • Example of an email alert triggered during controller failover.
LOG-HAMON-0042: Controller X is taking over.


  • Example of entries found in the support.log file.
HAMon[3654]: LOG-THRIFTCLIENT-0002: Thrift transport exception type #1 (open() timed out); failed to establish connection [addr=tt-peer-controller./port=30300]. 
HAMon[3654]: LOG-HAMONDISKFENCE-0005: Disk fencing unable to ping node (current seqNum=7696581). 
HAMon[3654]: LOG-HAMONDISKFENCE-0001: Shooting node #1... 
HAMon[3654]: LOG-HAMONPLATFORMAPPLIANCE-0011: Node0 power cycling peer!



This issue is fixed in Tintri OS v2.0.2.2 and later. Upgrade to Tintri OS v2.0.2.2 or later at your earliest convenience.

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T445 is a single controller model so failover won't happen?
Posted 05:01, 17 Sep 2014
Good catch, thank you Takizawa-San. I have corrected this.
Posted 08:50, 20 Nov 2014
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