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LOG-EVICTION-0002-You have pinned too many VMs

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The following error will be generated if too many VM's are pinned in flash.


LOG-EVICTION-0002 You have pinned too many VMs. Pinned VMs are no longer guaranteed flash performance. Unpin some VMs or virtual disks to avoid problems.



You will have to unpin some VMs or virtual disks to avoid any impact to the performance on other VMs.


Pinning too many VMs can adversely impact performance and is not recommend unless absolutely necessary. If you pin too many VM's in flash then you reduce the size of your flash. Meaning if your system is performing large numbers of read operations it may have to go to cold storage(HDD's) instead of SSD's to retrieve data because it doesn't have enough room in flash to hold frequently accessed data.


In AFA's (All-Flash-Arrays) pinning is disabled and you do not encounter this issue.




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