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What the LED on the Rear of the VMstore Controller Indicates

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Product(s): T620, T650, T820, T850, T880

Product Version(s): 2.1, 3.0, 3.1

Bug(s): N/A



Next to the Network ports on the T6xx and T8xx VMstore controller, there are a number of LEDs. These are Controller status LEDs and they represent a number of VMstore states.



The following are the Tintri VMstore LED states:
    - Solid Green - all clear
    - Solid Amber - the motherboard had a critical, non-recoverable failure
    - Blinking Any Colour - non critical issue

In the graphic below, controller A has a critical failure, contoller B status is   good. Note that on partial (non-critical) issues, the LED state does not reset until the controller has been removed and re-inserted into the chassis. Therefore, the blinking light can reflect a single non-critical incident in the past.

If there are any concerns relating to the LED state, please contact Tintri Technical Support (https://www.tintri.com/support/contact-support)



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Ian Editing
Posted 12:04, 27 Jul 2015
New Info from Markus

"Controller B had this issue with event data A00128: Module DIMM_F1 on CPU 2 had an Correctable ECC Error on rank 1

That would cause the blinking amber LED.

The power events are nothing to worry about unless we have unexplained outages.

Nothing on A as far as I can tell.

For the correctable memory error the only way to make that go away is pull the controller or issue a BMC cold reset if you happen to be at the console (ipmitool mc reset cold)
Posted 09:30, 17 Sep 2015
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