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Active Directory Connectivity Test Fails with Domain not Found

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Product(s): T445, T540, T6xx, T8xx

Product Version(s): Tintri OS v3.0 (and later).



In some cases, when a VMstore has previously joined an Active Directory domain, a subsequent join attempt will appear to be successful however when attempting to add remote groups via the Management Access settings pane, no remote groups are available.


  • Active Directory join appears to be successful w/ no error output
  • No remote groups are available in the Management Access settings pane
  • Active Directory configuration verification fails, see example below.


Domain not found.PNG



This can occur if the domain controller denies access to the VMstore's machine account trust in Active Directory. The machine account is typically left over from previous domain joins or domain join attempts. Perform the following steps to remove the machine account and re-join the domain:


  1. Disable AD in the Directory Services settings pane
  2. Delete the VMstore's machine account in Active Directory
  3. Re-attempt the AD join via the Directory Services settings pane
  4. Test the configuration to confirm resolution
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