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Active Directory Verify Fails, No Configuration Found

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Product(s): T445, T540, T6xx, T8xx

Product Version(s): Tintri OS v3.0.0.x



Clicking on the "Verify saved domain join" link when configuring a VMstore to join Active Directory may produce a test error although the domain name and administrator credentials are known to be valid.


  • All required fields are populated with confirmed working values.
  • An error is seen next to the Save Cancel buttons, see example below.





  • A pop-up error dialog indicates that: No existing ADS configuration found. See example below.





The nature of Active Directory is such that verification cannot be performed unless the client, in this case the VMstore joining the domain, is already authenticated and joined to the domain.


After populating the required fields, click Save to initiate the Active Directory domain join. Assuming the domain join is successful and barring any new errors, the verification test should run and return valid results.


Note: In Tintri OS v3.0.1.1 and later, the verification test link has been disabled until configuration changes are saved.

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