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Changing the Admin IP Network Address

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Product(s): Tintri VMstore

Product Version(s): Not Applicable

Bug(s): N/A


You need to change the admin IP to a different network.


This procedure does not impact service to the data and replication interfaces.

Required: Physical access to the console (on the back of the VMstore) with the admin credentials is required.​

1.    Connect the KVM console to the VMstore primary controller.

2.    Log in using the admin account.

3.    The user interface displays and the option Re-configure Admin Network is highlighted. 

If this option is not highlighted, use the keyboard Arrow keys to navigate to the option.

Press Enter.

4.    The Configure Admin Network displays.  Make the required changes using the keyboard Tab and Arrow keys. 

5.    Press Enter to accept the changes.

6.    A network test is performed. A successful test result returns you to the VMstore Console Menu.

7.    Press Esc to exit the console.




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