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Collecting Support Bundles and Changing Logging Levels for Tintri Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations

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Product(s): Tintri Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations

Product Version(s): All

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This article includes the following procedures for troubleshoot potential issues with Tintri Management Pack for vRealize Operations Manager (vROps):

  • Reviewing the Tintri VMstore Adapter log using VMware® vRealize Operations Manager
  • Generating a support bundle within vRealize Operations Manager.
  • Reviewing/changing the logging level from the default to a more verbose logging level.


Review the Tintri VMstore Adapter Log Using VMware vRealize Operations Manager

The Tintri VMstore adapter logs can be displayed in the VMware vRealize Operations Manager UI.

  1. Navigate to Administration >> Support >> Logs.
  2. Open MASTER >> COLLECTOR >> adapters >> TintriVcopsAdapter.
  3. Double-click on the latest TintriVcopsAdapter_<#>.log to populate details in the UI.

TintriVcopsAdapter log example

Generate and Download a Support Bundle

The VMware vRealize Operations Manager support bundles can be generated and downloaded from the UI

  1. Navigate to Administration >> Support >> Support Bundles.
  2. Select the green plus symbol to bring up the Generate Support Bundles UI.
  3. Select the type of support bundle to generate where the options are either Light (includes 24 hours of log files) or Full (includes full log and charts).
  4. Select the Node to which to collect the support bundle.
  5. Press OK for the support bundle to generate and add to the Support Bundles UI.
    When complete, the status changes to Succeeded in the Support Bundles UI.
  6. Select the green down arrow symbol to download the latest support bundle in zip format.
  7. After the support bundle is extracted, the TintriVcopsAdapter_<#>.log is saved to the folder <<Node IP>>\logs\adapters\TintriVropsAdapter.

Support Bundles


Changing the logging Level 

The VMware vRealize Operations Manager Collector logging levels can be changed from the UI 

  1. Navigate to Administration >> Support >> Logs.
  2. Open the MASTER folder and select COLLECTOR.
  3. Select the gear symbol to edit properties.
  4. The Edit Logger Configuration UI appears and shows the current logging level of each of the collector components.
  5. The default levels provide sufficient information for troubleshooting and should be only changed on request.

Recommendation:  It is recommended that after reproducing the issue that added the verbose logging to the collector logs, that you revert the changes made back to the default values using the Edit Logger Configuration UI

Edit Logger Configuration


Level Description

Level Description
ALL All levels including custom levels.
DEBUG Designates fine-grained informational events that are most useful to debug an application.
ERROR Designates error events that might still allow the application to continue running.
FATAL Designates very severe error events that will presumably lead the application to abort.
INFO Designates informational messages that highlight the progress of the application at coarse-grained level.
OFF The highest possible rank and is intended to turn off logging.
TRACE Designates finer-grained informational events than the DEBUG.
WARNING Designates potentially harmful situations.
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