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Configure the vSphere Web Client to Allow the HTTP Protocol

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Product(s): vSphere Web Client Plugin

Product Version(s): v2.0.x.x and earlier



By default, script plug-in URLs must use the HTTPS protocol to work with the vSphere Web Client. If not properly configured, the vSphere web client will reject the Tintri vSphere web client plugin's HTTP URL.


Symptoms include:

  • The vSphere web client plugin installation is successful however the plugin's UI elements and settings are not visible when navigating the vSphere web client.
  • During setup, an error indicates that "allowHttpsTrue" needs to be added to the webclient.properties file. See the screenshot below.





To configure the vSphere web client to allow the HTTP protocol, add the following line to the webclient.properties file in the vSphere Web Client install directory and restart the Web Client service.




The location of this file depends on the operating system and vSphere version.


For vCenter Server 5.x

Windows 2003

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%Application Data\VMware\vSphere Web Client

Windows 2008/2012

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\VMware\vSphere Web Client

vCenter Server Appliance


For vCenter Server 6.x

Windows 2008/2012


vCenter Server Appliance



For additional information, see the VMware documentation on Enabling Script Plug-In Support in the vSphere Web Client

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