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Firewall Access required for Autosupport Uploads

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The Tintri autosupport functionality requires access to be provided through a customer firewall to enable the autosupport uploads.


What hostname, protocol and ports are used for Tintri Autosupports and how can I enable access through a Firewall?

To enable the upload of Tintri Autosupports, the following information is required:


hostname: TPS.tintri.com

Protocol: https

Port: 443


The Tintri support systems will automatically open support cases for alerts. Tintri is notified of customer alerts via two mechanisms:

  • Email to "support@tintri.com" - The support@tintri.com should be included in the "To" list in the email section of the "alerts" settings (go to "Settings" screen and then to "Alerts" section).
  • Autosupport upload - active alerts are uploaded in an autosupport support bundle (go to "Settings" screen and then to "Autosupports" section and check the "Enable Tintri autosupport reports" box).


Note: Due to the time required to upload a Tintri support bundle, it is recommended to always include the "support@tintri.com" address in the alerts. This will provide a faster notification to the Tintri support team and as a result a quicker response for any Tintri support requirement.

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