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Flashing NVRAM Fault LED

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Product(s): T445, T540, T6xx

Product Version(s): Tintri OS v1.4 (and later).



The "Fault" LED on a Curtiss-Wright NVRAM card will flash to indicate that the onboard batteries are charging. Once charged the "Fault" LED should stop flashing; however there have been reported cases where a firmware issue on the card can cause the LED to continue to flash during otherwise normal operation.



Confirm that the VMstore is functional and fully redundant. This is the best way to determine if the NVRAM card has a failure. The Tintri VMstore File System and High Availability features will not be available should there be an actual NVRAM card failure.


If the Tintri VMstore has recently been installed OR the NVRAM card has been replaced, the NVRAM batteries are likely charging. It can take several hours for the batteries to become fully charged.


If it becomes necessary to resolve the flashing "Fault" LED condition. The controller can be removed, re-inserted and powered on to reset the NVRAM card firmware. If the controller with the problematic NVRAM card is active and the VMstore is redundant, perform a manual failover to the standby controller via the Tintri UI. DO NOT remove the active controller if the VMstore is not reported as "Redundant" in the Tintri VMstore Web UI Hardware page.


Note: Action is not necessary as this is only a cosmetic issue, the NVRAM card will continue to function normally. Should there be a failure with the NVRAM card, the "Fault" LED will be lit (solid) not blinking.

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