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How to Sign Up for Tintri Analytics

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This article describes how to sign up for a Tintri Analytics account.


In order to sign up for a Tintri Analytics account, you must first have a Tintri Support Portal Account. You can sign up for a support portal account at https://support.tintri.com


Once this account has been approved, you can then sign up for an Analytics account at https://analytics.tintri.com


Please note that depending on how much data needs to be populated, the account can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to be ready. You will receive an email once the account has been provisioned.


Please also note that your VMstore(s) must be sending nightly bundles to Tintri in order for Analytics to read the data. To ensure the VMstores are sending this information, please enable autosupport in the settings menu of each VMstore. 

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