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How to determine if the Tintri ESXi VAAI plugin is installed

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The Tintri VAAI plugin is installed on the ESXi Server and supports all the VMware NFS VAAI primitives. This article describes how to verify if the plugin is installed correctly.



How to determine that the VAAI plugin is installed correctly:


1. From the vSphere Web Client go to the Datastore view and select the Tintri Datastore in question and click Configure. In general under Datastore Capabilities you will see which Hosts have Hardware Acceleration support


2. From the legacy vSphere Thick Client. For each applicable Host go to Configuration->Storage and scroll to the right to view the Hardware Acceleration field, if the Datastore is Tintri and the VAAI plugin is installed it will show Supported.



3. From a Esxi Console running the following command also returns the Hardware Acceleration field

[root@Esx:~] esxcli storage nfs list
Volume Name      Host             Share               Accessible  Mounted  Read-Only   isPE  Hardware Acceleration
---------------  ---------------  ------------------  ----------  -------  ---------  -----  ---------------------
T650             xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx  /tintri/submt             true     true      false  false  Supported


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