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How to restore a VM using Snapshots

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Product(s): T445, T540, T6xx, T8xx

Product Version(s): Tintri OS v1.4 (and later).



Tintri VMstore handles restoring a VM using the Tintri snapshot and cloning features first introduced in Tintri OS v1.4.  A VM clone can be created, registered into vCenter inventory and ready for use within seconds using the Tintri Web UI.


Use the workflow below to create a point-in-time clone of the appropriate source VM:


  1. Browse to the Virtual Machines page in the VMstore Web UI and find the source of the VM you want to restore.  Right-click on the source VM and select Manage in the Snapshots drop down sub-menu.​




Figure 1 Virtual Machines List


  1. Right-click on the appropriate snapshot and select Clone in the drop-down menu.




Figure 2 Source VM Snapshot List


  1. Enter the appropriate Clone name and click on the Clone button. The newly created clone VM will be automatically registered into vCenter inventory and available for use.




Figure 3 Create Clone Window

Note: The clone Count and Customization options can be specified however these typically won’t be used in this workflow.
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