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LACP Load Balancing Policy

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Product(s): Tintri VMstore

Product Version(s): Tintri OS v2.0.x.x (and later)

Bug(s): N/A



Tintri VMstore uses a layer 2+3 load balancing policy.




This policy uses a combination of layer2 and layer3 protocol information to generate the hash. It uses the XOR of hardware MAC addresses and IP addresses to generate the hash.  The formula is below:


  (((source IP XOR dest IP) AND 0xffff) XOR
      ( source MAC XOR destination MAC ))
          modulo slave count


This algorithm will place all traffic to a particular network peer on the same slave.  For non-IP traffic, the formula is the same as for the layer2 transmit hash policy. The policy is intended to provide a more balanced distribution of traffic than layer2 alone, especially in environments where a layer3 gateway device is required to reach most destinations.


This algorithm is 802.3ad compliant.







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