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LACP Troubleshooting

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Product(s): T445, T540, T6xx, T8xx

Product Version(s): Tintri OS v2.1 (and later).



Enabling link aggregation (Active-Active LACP) on the Tintri VMstore requires a valid port configuration on the switch to support the functionality. If one (or more) ports on the Tintri Web UI's Hardware page are reporting "Inactive, incorrect LACP aggregator", the switch port configuration is invalid and link aggregation won't be used.


Invalid LACP port group configuration on the switch side will result in an (Active-Inactive) port configuration on the Tintri VMstore.


Figure 1 VMstore Hardware tab. Active-Inactive Data network ports.



A working LACP configuration requires both a valid physical network topology and a valid link aggregator group (LAG) configuration. All LAG configuration is done at the switch-side.

Validate Connectivity


Verify that the VMstore NIC port < > network switch port topology matches the intended/expected configuration. The easiest way to do this is to use the switch configuration tools to manually shut down (and re-enable) one port at a time while watching the Tintri VMstore's Web UI Hardware page. If you see unexpected results (i.e., an unexpected port on the VMstore goes down) double check the physical connections and ensure that they match the intended physical topology.

Validate Configuration


Verify that the LACP aggregator groups are correctly configured. See LACP Best Practices for configuration examples.

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