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LOG-NETMON-1004: Maximum Error Rate Exceeded for rx_crc_errors

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Product(s): All VMstore

Product Version(s): All

Bug(s): N/A


VMstore is logging the following error:

LOG-NETMON-1004 Maximum error rate exceeded: port: X.Yz counter: rx_crc_errors value: 4976973 rate: 76641 per 600 seconds. Check Ethernet cable and switch configuration.


X is the controller

Yx is the port (such as A.2a)

Tintri OS logs an alert when more than 1000 errors are received in a 10 minute interval.


This issue is a Layer 1 issue and indicates that the Layer 2 frame Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) received does not match the CRC in the Frame Check Sequence (FCS) trailer.

If the issue is logging on a single VMstore port, then it might indicate the issue is on the hardware path between the network switch and the Tintri port.

However, depending on how the switch is handling the frames and if the issue is logging on multiple Tintri ports, the issue might be propagating from a downstream client or device.


Most modern switches use Cut-through, the frame is forwarded out the egress port(s) before the full frame is received, for example, the frame is forwarded without checking the CRC. This method is deployed to reduce latency.

If Store-and-forward is deployed in the switch, then CRC is checked. 

The switching method determines the course of action you will take. 

  • Store-and-Forward switching

The errors are logging on the VMstore. The issue is on the hardware path between the switch port and the VMstore port.

  • Cut-through switching

The issue might be propagated from a destination host or server. You will need the assistance of a network engineer to verify switch(s) port counters.

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