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Revert fails when creating CBT Enabled clones

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Product(s): Tintri VMstore

Product Version(s): Tintri Operating System (TOS) v1.4 (and later).


With CBT enabled virtual machines, VMware creates an additional ctk.vmdk file for each of the VM's virtual disks. When creating a VM-consistent snapshot, Tintri OS asks vCenter for a list of all relevant VM files to include in the snapshot. The ctk.vmdk files are not included in this list and are not included in the Tintri snapshot.
If a clone is created from one of these VM-consistent snapshots, a vCenter revert operation performed during clone creation can fail due to the missing ctk.vmdk file(s).


  • VM-consistent clones are created successfully however the vCenter revert operation fails.
  • Example of an email alert triggered by the revert operation failure.
LOG-WF-0025: VM-consistent clone created 'tintri-x' for VMs 'xxxxxxx', but revert operation failed. SystemError. Please revert and delete the snapshot in vCenter.



During internal testing, we confirmed that the revert operation failures only occur in environments running ESXi and vCenter v5.0. Environments running ESXi and vCenter v5.1 and later appear to be tolerant of the missing ctk.vmdk files (these are recreated as needed) and the cloning operation is successful without error.


Our recommendation is to upgrade the VMware environment (both ESXi and vCenter) to v5.1 or later.

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