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Synchronous Replication Feature platform support and other FAQs

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All VMstore

4.3 and above


Synchronous Replication (SR) with transparent failover enables two storage systems to maintain
identical, mirrored copies of data. One system functions as primary, and receives updates from clients.
Updates are replicated immediately to the other system (the secondary) prior to being acknowledged to
clients. In the event of a failover, both storage systems contain all acknowledged updates. Transparent
failover enables the systems to failover from one system to another with no data loss (RPO-0) and
without any disruption to service for your mission critical applications. The solution also does not require
host client reconfiguration. Configuration is performed in Tintri Global Center (TGC).


Q & A

What Tintri Platforms support the Synchronous Replication feature?

The feature is supported on T8xx Hybrid VMstores and T5xxx AFA VMstores.


What Tintri OS is needed?

Tintri OS 4.3 and above.


What hypervisors are supported?

On Tintri OS 4.3, VMware Esxi is the only supported hypervisor.


What version of TGC is needed?

TGC 3.5 and above.


What are the network requirements?

Round-trip should be less than 10ms and I0Gb is strongly recommended.




See the Tintri Global Center 3.5 and VMstore 4.3 System administration guides for further information on requirements.



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