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Tintri Global Center Service Group Protection Policy not applying to VMs

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Tintri Global CenterTTGC)




After creating a service group on Tintri Global Center (TGC) and adding VMs, the protection policy applied to the Service Group does not take affect, even after changing the global policy under Settings -> Policy management, to the "Override the policy with the TGC setting ".




Snapshots are not taken and replication does not start for VMs in a Service Group, after applying a protection policy to the that group. When browsing the VMs in the VMstore UI, the VMs do not have any replication status on the Primary, and are not seen on the Destination VMstore.

Setting the global policy to Override the policy with the TGC setting, in the Policy management section of TGC has no effect.




For a VM to inherit the protection policy of it's TGC Service Group, it must first have had the default schedule of the VMstore applied. If the VM has a custom policy applied, according to the TGC Policy Application Model, this overrides all other polices:


VM Custom Policy > Service Group Policy > System (VMstore) Default Policy


If many VMs in the service group have a custom policy applied, the quickest way to remove this on each VM, is to select the service group on TGC, click on the menu (three dots on the top right), and select "Remove Custom Policies". You will see the following pop up with the amount of VMs that have a custom policy applied.



This change is immediate, and on returning to the VMstore UI, a replication status can then be seen on the VMs associated with the TGC service group on both the primary and the destination VMstore. The page may need to be refreshed to see this change.




The policy management setting defines how TGC reacts when a VM policy is modified directly on VMstore instead of TGC.

A Service Group policy is not inherited by VMs with a custom policy, and by design, the policy management setting won't affect this rule.



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