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Top Contributors list displays old data

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Tintri VMstore UI



When viewing the system performance graphs on the VMstore UI, the top contributors list on the right hand side displays out of date or misleading information. When opening the performance graphs page, the date and time will match the current date and time. 


In the example below, the list of VMs shows many VMs that have actually been powered off and are no longer generating IO. 

Initial list of top contributors



This is a known issue on the VMstore performance graph, whereby when no date/time value is selected initially, the graph will default to the peak value seen in the previous 7 days. 

This behavior has been identified and an enhancement to this behavior will be introduced in an upcoming release of Tintri OS.

You should be able to click on the 'realtime' line or elsewhere on the graph (and then drag left to show the realtime stats) in order to display the current top contributors. After clicking on that line, the time should change to the nearest 10 minute interval (which can take place at any one minute in that 10 minute period), and the list of contributors should change to match the correct data. 


In the example below, the list of contributors has been updated after clicking on the 'Realtime' line. Note the time has changed also back to the previous 10 minute interval. The list of VMs has completely changed. 

Graph updated after clicking on realtime line

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