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Upgrade to Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin fails

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Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin


While upgrading the vSphere Web Client Plugin the upgrade fails with a message stating that it cannot connect to vCenter or it cannot register the plugin due to privileges. This can occur on a Windows or Virtual Appliance (VCSA) version of vCenter.



The TintriVCPInstallation.log shows the following:

Property script: com.install4j.script.I4jScript_Internal_30
(Install) vCenter Credentials check:: vCenterURL:-https://<IP Address>:443/sdk
(Install) vCenter Credentials check:: vCenterIp:-<IP Address>
(Install) vCenter Credentials check:: vCenterUserName:-<Domain Shortname>\\<User>
(Install) vCenter Credentials check:: Attempting to connect to vCenter using the above mentioned credentials
Variable changed: isAuthenticated=false[class java.lang.Boolean]
[ERROR] com.install4j.runtime.beans.actions.control.RunScriptAction [ID 2299]: (Install) Error while connecting to vCenter Server exception : com.vmware.vim25.InvalidLogin
(Install) Error while connecting to vCenter Server printing stack trace:


The log is located in:

    c:/tintri/ for Windows vCenter 
    /usr/tintri for VCSA


Instead of using the format <Domain Shortname>\<User> please use the format <User>@<Fully Qualified Domain Name> which will enable the upgrade to complete.

Tintri development will be fixing this issue in the next release of the Plugin. 



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