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TGC Failed to retrieve kvno: Pre-authentication failed

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Tintri Global Center

Prior to release 3.5



This is a winbind affinity bug whereby during the password change, an alert is generated when the keytab update failed after the password change. It is typically observed when replication among Domain Controllers in the same domain had a high latency.



2017-02-28T17:57:47.021217-06:00 tomcat: [Timer-1,com.tintri.log.LogBase] WARN : USER:ALERT:LOG-RBAC-0001: [1321636] Setting service principal name returned an error: Failed to retrieve kvno: Preauthentication failed. External user accounts may be disabled. Check your active directory settings and try joining the domain again. 



Workaround: Re-join the domain using the 'Override' option so winbind is pinned to a Domain Controller.

This bug is resolved in Tintri Global Center release 3.5.


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