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T6xx/T8xx Controller doesn't boot after replacement

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T6xx, T8xx



After replacing or reinserting a controller in a T6xx or T8xx VMstore, it doesn't power on and boot up.



Controller doesn't power on and boot up.




Please try pressing (do not hold down) the Power button.


Figure 20 Tintri VMstore T600 System.


Note: After powering up the controller, make sure the system is up and running. If the battery on the NVRAM card is not fully charged, the system may take as much as five minutes to power up. The LEDs on the control panel flash momentarily. If the controller has NVRAM cards, the LEDs will not turn on until the controller is powered up. The replacement controller automatically updates to the current OS version running on the VMStore, and the BIOS clock automatically updates during shutdown or reboot. 


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