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Introduction to Tintri Global Center

Tintri Global Center® (TGC) is an intelligent control platform that enables multiple Tintri VMstore systems to seamlessly function as one. It allows storage and virtualization administrators to globally manage and monitor their virtual infrastructure. TGC supports both, Hybrid and All-Flash arrays.

TGC Datasheet

Tintri Global Center Datasheet.pdf


Features include:

  • Service Group:
    • Create dynamic VM grouping
    • Manage VM policies (Protection and QoS) at Service Group level
  • Per-VM Policy Management:
    • Manage individual VM policies – Protections and QoS
    • Maintain VM policy after vMotion migration
  • Multi-Tenancy:
    • Support RBAC, AD / LDAP
  • Monitoring
    • View Space accounting at the VM-, VMstore-, and Cluster-level
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Provides a prompt-less logon to VMstores using SSO.
  • Automation
    • Powershell and REST management of multiple storage nodes
  • VM Scale-Out
    • VM Scale-Out provides a seamless mechanism to manage multiple VMstores by pooling them together. When you add VMstores to a pool, you transform stand-alone systems into a self-managed elastic unit. VM Scale-Out models the future based on the past history of VMstores and VMs to predict potential resource issues. If a resource issue is detected, the system determines the most optimal way to fully avoid that issue by providing you with recommendations. Recommendations have three parts: 1) the issues that are found, 2) resolution steps, and 3) probable outcomes to expect when executing recommendations. When executing a recommendation, VM Scale-Out will live migrate the VMs, their snapshots, and reapply all policies.

  • Quotas
    • Quotas add the ability to configure capacity limits on Tintri submounts. This capacity is particularly important in hosted provate cloud deployments where there is no management or orchestration software to limit capacity per tenant. Features include: Configuration of Quotas from TGC Capacity based limits per submount Threshold alerts Over provisioning support VMware support. (NOTE: To use the Quotas feature, please make sure you have a minimum Tintri Global Center Standard (TGCS) license installed.)
  • Tintri Cloud Connector
    • Tintri Cloud Replication technology (Cloud Connector) enables users to create an extension to the Tintri Storage, in the form of S3 compatible object stores like AWS or on-prem IBM Cloud Object Storage (previously called IBM Cleversafe), by using them as a repository for Tintri snapshots. Using Tintri Global Center, users can create separate cloud replication schedules and policies for transferring/replicating different snapshots of a VM to different cloud replication targets and retain them for a longer period of time at a reduced overall cost.
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