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Automation Statement of Support

Statement of Support


Tintri provides support for the installation of the Tintri Automation Toolkit and for the installation of the PowerShellcmdlets and REST APIs included in the Automation Toolkit.. Tintri does not provide support for design, development or maintenance of scripts leveraging PowerShell, PowerCLI (VMware’s PowerShell extensions) or REST API.


In addition to Tintri documentation, there are a number of non-Tintri resources available, which a customer can leverage independently of Tintri for their Powershell and REST API requirements. Community support, forums and literature can provide examples and other information to customers who would like to learn more about PowerShell, PowerCLI or REST.

External Resources


Note: These resources are not maintained by Tintri nor are they Tintri Automation specific.


PowerShell Documentation

Microsoft PowerShell Documentation

Scripting with PowerShell


PowerShell Community Forums

Microsoft TechNet Forums




PowerCLI Documentation

vSphere PowerCLI Community Forums

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Should the KB mention the following two locations where customers can get help with Tintri related scripts

Posted 16:06, 18 Nov 2016
I agree with Conors' comment. I will move to the portal for now and verify his comments and then update it as needed and migrate the updated copy once completed
Posted 23:06, 10 May 2017
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